Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rare Item Shop

I took the day off yesterday and decided to bike out to 養老公園 (Yourou Park). On the way there I discovered an amazing store, 古今珍品 (kokonchinpin, roughly "ancient and modern rare goods").

This place is a like a museum where everything is for sale. They have everything from swords and guns to pottery and sculptures to wall scrolls and paintings to... and so on. A person could easily spend hours just trying to look at everything. Unfortunately the items do not have explanations attached (and English is nowhere to be seen).

If you plan to buy anything, make sure to bring plenty of cash - most of the items are far from inexpensive. If you look closely though, there are a few things that are (surprisingly) cheap.

I highly recommend this store; it's a bit far from Ogaki if you don't have a car, but it's well worth the trip.

Click here to see the shop information on Google Maps


ogaki.inter said...
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takeko.a (k.t) said...

There are some photos of the store on it's website.

When my friends come to Ogaki from overseas, I usually take them to here to buy some souvenirs. One of my frined bought a nice Sake cups and some old papers.