Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ohanami Lunch Picinic party

Cherry-blossom viewing picnic party !

On 13(SUN), April 2008 from 12:30 -

Bring your : lunch box, drinks. And a vinyl rag if you have. It's nice if you could bring some extra local-foods to share with other members.

The place will be in Sonejo-park. The address of Sonejo-park is 大垣市曽根町1丁目 (Sone-cho 1-choume, Ogaki city). It takes 15 minutes from Ogaki station by bicycle. If it's too far for you, a group will be meeting at the north exit of Ogaki station (there's a taxi stand, make sure it's NOT the south) at 12:00.

In case it rains, it'll be an indoor party (plans will be announced on this blog).

Please contact us (or comment on this post) if you'd like to join us.
mail : ogaki.inter [at mark]

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takeko.a (k.t) said...

It was so fun ! About 15 people joined ( and half of them were Japanese.) We shared nice food and did frisbee. After the picnic, a member taughtus basic salsa steps and we danced together !!!

What's the next plan? Any suggestion ?